Pat Jennings Project

As a party, we must work to strengthen our infrastructure for the long-term future of the party. That’s why we’ve launched the Pat Jennings Project, so named for our former Congressman Pat Jennings from the Fightin’ Ninth. In battling the Byrd Organization at the 1964 state convention, he rose to speak, pronouncing that he was a “Democrat from the courthouse to the statehouse to the White House!” The Pat Jennings Project signifies our renewed commitment to electing Democrats to local office. It is very likely that our future governors, senators, and even presidents are holding local elected office in Virginia right now – and it is our job to give them the support they need to get there.

I’m currently a local elected official

Are you a current local elected official who wants to connect to other local electeds around the commonwealth? We’re bringing back Association of Democratic Elected Officials (LEAD)! The purpose of this organization is to provide a place for Democratic elected officials around the state to coordinate with each other and share ideas, trainings, and resources. If you’re interested in joining this organization, please sign up here.

I’m running for office

Where do I get started?

DPVA has a Candidates’ Handbook to help potential Virginia candidates make the decision on whether to run and get their campaign started. You can download that handbook here.

Where can I get trainings?

The National Democratic Training Committee also has a lot of great training programs online, you can find those trainings here.

How do I connect with my local committee?
When running as a Democrat, connecting with your local committee is an important part of the process. They can let you know how to run for the Democratic nomination and provide you with opportunities to meet with potential voters and volunteers! You can find your local committee here.

What are the legal requirements I need to meet as a candidate?
The Department of Elections has an excellent guide that will provide you with all the information you need to know to run. You can find the candidate bulletin here.

I want to help people get elected!

There are lots of ways to help! Please fill out this form to get involved!

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