May 8, 2020 News & Press Releases

Clinic Director: Pence Put Virginians In Danger For A Reckless Photo Op

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Following Mike Pence’s maskless photo op in Alexandria yesterday, Dr. Wendy Klein released the following statement:

"Yesterday, Mike Pence chose to put Virginians in danger for the sake of another reckless photo op. To show up anywhere in public without a mask while failing to socially distance is deeply irresponsible. To do so at a nursing home is unthinkable. We're facing one of the greatest public health crises in recent memory — we deserve leaders who take our safety seriously."

Dr. Wendy Klein is the Medical Director of Health Brigade, the oldest free clinic in Virginia, and serves on the Virginia Board of Health.


This comes just a week after Pence took heat for flouting the Mayo Clinic's mask policy during his visit there. CNN reported:

"Citing how often he's been tested for the vitus, Pence said during a Fox News town hall, 'I didn't think it was necessary but I should have worn the mask at the Mayo Clinic.'

The concession comes after a mask-less Pence thanked workers, conferred with hospital administrators and spoke with a Mayo Clinic employee who was donating plasma at the facility. The clinic had briefed Pence's team in the days leading up to his trip about their policy requiring face masks, a person involved in planning the visit previously told CNN."