State Steering Committee

The Steering Committee governs all party matters between meetings of the state Central Committee.

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Hon. Susan Swecker,
Chairwoman, Democratic Party of Virginia

Ms. Gaylene Kanoyton
1st Vice Chair, Organization

Mr. Marc K. Broklawski
DNC ; 2nd Vice Chair of Rules

Mr. Ricardo Alfaro
Vice Chair, Technology & Communications

Hon. L. Louise Lucas
Vice Chair, Outreach

Mr. Clarence Tong
Vice Chair, Finance

Mr. Isaac Sarver

Ms. Abbi Easter

Hon. Joshua Cole
DNC Member

Ms. Doris Crouse-Mays
DNC Member

Hon. Elizabeth Guzman
DNC Member

Mr. Dave Leichtman
DNC Member

Ms. Atima Omara
DNC Member

Hon. Levar Stoney
DNC Member

Ms. Elaine Kamarck
DNC Member

Ms. Dianne Carter de Mayo
1st CD Chair – Gloucester

Ms. Sandra Brandt
2nd CD Chair – Virginia Beach

Mr. Charles Stanton
3rd CD Chair – Norfolk

Ms. Alexsis Rodgers
4th CD Chair – Richmond

Ms. Patricia Harper Tunley
5th CD Chair – Lunenburg

Ms. Kym Crump
6th CD Chair – Warren

Hon. Matt Rowe
7th CD Chair – Fredericksburg

Ms. Margo Horner
8th CD Chair – Arlington

Ms. Rebecca Daly
9th CD Chair – Floyd

Mr. Zach Pruckowski
10th CD Chair – Loudoun

Ms. Manisha Singh
11th CD Chair – Fairfax

Ms. Julie Hunter
Chair, Labor Caucus

Ms. Tina Winkler
Chair, VA Association of Democratic Chairs

Ms. EJ Scott
Chair, Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia

Ms. Linda Brooks
Chair, Women’s Caucus

Ms. Joel McDonald
Chair, LGBT Caucus

Mr. Charley Conrad
Chair, Veterans and Military Families Caucus

Mr. Matt Royer
President, Virginia Young Democrats

Ms. Cyliene Montgomery
Chair, disAbility Caucus

Mr. Alex Cintron
President, DLOV

Mr. Praveen Meyyan
Chair, Asian-American Caucus

Ms. Roberta Thacker-Oliver
Chair, Rural Caucus

Mr. Mark Cannady
Chair, Small Business Caucus