June 22, 2021 News & Press Releases

Donald Trump’s Hand-Picked Candidate is Afraid to Debate Terry McAuliffe

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — It has now been a week since Terry McAuliffe accepted five invitations to debate Glenn Youngkin across the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Youngkin is running scared. Glenn has spent the week in hiding — refusing to answer questions and failing to explain his cowardly position. The reality is, Youngkin is terrified to debate Terry because he knows his hardline Republican agenda is far too extreme for Virginia. 

Youngkin is running on his opposition to Medicaid expansion, his belief that the American Rescue Plan’s critical COVID-19 relief is “unnecessary” and “wrong,” and the idea that auditing voting machines is the “most important issue.” Youngkin also opposes efforts to stop gun violence, wants to impose draconian restrictions on abortion rights, and opposes marriage equality for all Virginians.

WSETFormer Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he has committed to five upcoming debates before the election. He said his opponent, Republican Glenn Youngkin, has committed to only one in Grundy.

Youngkin's campaign press secretary said he was not available for an interview. She had not responded to calls, emails or texts on whether Youngkin has since committed to more debates when this article was published.

Why is Glenn Youngkin hiding from answering questions about his complete allegiance to Donald Trump? Is he afraid to look 550,000 Virginians in the eye and tell them why he believes they don’t deserve health care? Is he unprepared to talk about his embrace of Amanda Chase and Corey Stewart? We don’t know — but Virginians are waiting for answers.