October 14, 2021 News & Press Releases

DPVA Calls on ALL Republican House of Delegates Candidates to Answer: Did They Attend Trump-Youngkin Insurrection Rally?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

At Wednesday Night Trump-Youngkin Rally, Extremists Pledged Allegiance to a Flag From January 6 Insurrection at U.S. Capitol

Richmond, VA — Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia is calling on Republican House of Delegates candidates to answer a simple question: did they attend the Donald Trump-Glenn Youngkin far-right rally on Wednesday where extremists pledged allegiance to a flag that was waved at the January 6 assault on the Capitol? 

There is no place in Virginia for pledging allegiance to an attempted violent overthrow of our government and embracing extreme, far-right conspiracy theories, and Republicans owe the people of Virginia answers for whether they attended the rally and if they condemn the actions of their supporters. The silence insofar from Republicans is complicit in spreading dangerous, right-wing conspiracy theories that put lives at risk. 

The extremist rally, which featured known insurrectionist Amanda Chase, is the latest disturbing right-wing effort by Glenn Youngkin and Republicans in Virginia to push Donald Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories and undermine our democracy. Last night’s rally is further proof that Glenn and Republicans in Virginia are all in on embracing Donald Trump’s dangerous conspiracies and the violent attack on our democracy on January 6. 

“We call on all Republican candidates running for the House of Delegates to answer for whether or not they attended a rally where their supporters pledged allegiance to violently overthrowing our democracy and continue to spread dangerous conspiracy theories,” DPVA Communications Director Jayce Genco said. “The continued silence from Republican candidates seeking state office condones this anti-democratic and dangerous behavior that puts lives at risk and erodes our democratic institutions. Virginians deserve better than their silence, Virginians deserve leaders who are not afraid to stand up for democracy and do what’s right.”