June 19, 2024 News & Press Releases

DPVA Chair Congratulates Democratic Nominees for Congress

by DPVA Press

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement on the results of Tuesday’s congressional primaries:

"In all 11 congressional districts, our Democratic nominees have a record of delivering for Virginians. The contrast couldn't be more clear from the MAGA Republican party, whose nominees have a record of groveling for Donald Trump's support, spreading conspiracy theories, and plotting to strip away Virginians' fundamental freedoms.

"The path to taking control of the U.S. Senate and the House runs through Virginia. We've seen the chaos that MAGA Republicans in Congress create, not to mention their pathetic attempts to appease Donald Trump by blocking bipartisan bills. Their actions hurt Virginians and Americans.

"The only way to beat MAGA Republicans is at the ballot box. Our nominees will protect access to abortion and birth control, support commonsense gun reform, and expand and protect access to affordable healthcare. In 2023, we saw that Virginians will elect Democrats because they know we are the only ones who will protect and deliver for them. As we continue to meet voters in every part of the Commonwealth, we are confident they will be fired up to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris and give them Democratic majorities in Congress."