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Ed Gillespie Bringing Fuzzy Math Back

by Christina Freundlich

Gillespie’s “Average” Family Income In Virginia Is Off By $70,000


It was reported this morning in the Daily Press that Ed Gillespie and his team have been using a computer model from a think tank in Boston to calculate what Virginians would save under his proposed tax plan. The only caveat -- this model is using fuzzy math.

 Based on the calculations of the Beacon Hill Institute -- a group partly fundedby the Koch Brothers -- Ed Gillespie has been saying that an “average” family of four in Virginia makes $135,000.

In 2015 though, Virginia's median household income was $65,015 -- only leaving $360 in savings for “average” families under Gillespie’s proposed tax plan. When Gillespie is talking about tax cuts for Virginia families, he is only talking about tax cuts for the rich like himself.

“Ed Gillespie is living in a world where fuzzy math is the norm,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “He likes to claim that ‘average’ families in Virginia would save big under his tax plan, but in fact, real average families would only save pennies on the dollar. Virginians can’t afford Ed Gillespie’s theories based on fuzzy math.”