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Even Cuccinelli’s Own Party Thinks He’s Too Extreme

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Over the coming hours, DPVA will highlight different reasons why

Cuccinelli would be a damaging choice for Virginia's Supreme Court.

Other reasons Cuccinelli is unfit for the bench: 

#1: Cuccinelli's record on women's health 

#2: Cuccinelli's record on LGBT issues

#3: Cuccinelli's multiple conflict of interest scandals

#4 Cuccinelli is bad Lawyer 

#5: Cuccinelli's record on the Violence Against Women Act

Here is a sampling of  how Cuccinelli's own party thinks he's too extreme: 

Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling on Cuccinelli: “I Worry about the Kinds of Issues He Would Focus on as Governor. I Worry about His Ability to Build the Consensus that’s Necessary to Solve Problems and Get Things Done”

In August 2013, Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling said in an interview with Real Clear Politics, “I worry about the kinds of issues he would focus on as governor. I worry about his ability to build the consensus that’s necessary to solve problems and get things done. He has tended to be a rigid ideologue who thrives on conflict and confrontation and tends to be drawn to the more controversial and divisive issues of the day. They fire up the Tea Party base, I’m just not sure they’re the right skill set for someone who wants to be governor.” [Real Clear Politics, 8/25/13]

Former Republican Congressman Tom Davis: Cuccinelli Running on a Platform More Suited for Fifteen Years Ago

In October 2013, Former Republican Congressman Tom Davis criticized Cuccinelli’s campaign. He stated, “The [GOP] party has got to recognize times change and running a race that might have been successful 15 years ago doesn’t necessarily work in these times.” [NBC 4, 10/15/13]

Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling: Republican Ticket Is “Probably The Most Conservative And Ideologically Driven Ticket In The History Of The State”

In May 2013, Bill Bolling said on NewsChannel 8: “So we ended up with this closed party convention. These conventions attract not just the most conservative voices, but the most ideologically driven voices within a party, and as a result of that we have nominated what is probably the most conservative and ideologically driven ticket in the history of the state. It is certainly a ticket that will excite the Tea Party groups and the Ron Paul folks. The question is will that ticket be able to connect with the more moderate and independent voters whose support you have to have to win elections in Virginia these days.” [NewsChannel 8, 5/27/13]

Former Republican Delegate Vince Callahan: Cuccinelli’s Tax Plan Would Have a “Huge Negative Impact’ on Education and Public Safety

In May 2013, former Republican Delegate Vince Callahan who served in the House for forty years stated, “Cuccinelli is proposing to reduce taxes, but is silent as to where will the needed revenue come from. Reducing taxes would have a huge negative impact on state services, including, but not limited to, education and safety services. Core services under this plan would have to be reduced or eliminated, and there is no indication as to which ones in this proposal will be cut. State taxes in Virginia are relatively low, which is why Virginia is considered a good state in which to do business.” [Roanoke Free Press, 5/7/13]

Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling on Cuccinelli: “I Have Serious Reservations About His Electability and His Ability to Effectively and Responsibly Lead Our State”

In November 2012, Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling stated, “I know his strengths, and I know his weaknesses. I have serious reservations about his electability and his ability to effectively and responsibly lead our state.” [Washington Examiner,11/18/12]

Former Republican Senator Russ Potts: Cuccinelli Is “Radical” And “Out-Of-The-Mainstream”

In February 2013, former Republican senator Russ Potts said during an interview on WAMU: “I do want to touch on something you all were saying earlier. You were talking about a lot of the radical legislation by Bob Marshall. Well I can assure you, I served in the Senate for eight years with Ken Cuccinelli and he was every bit as radical or more so than Bob Marshall. And there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Bob Marshall and Ken Cuccinelli in terms of a radical, out-of-the-mainstream legislator.” [WAMU, 2/20/13]

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough: Cuccinelli Is “Certifiable When It Comes To Mainstream Thought”

In February 2013, former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC: “I’d like to say a good example, and I'll just say it: Cuccinelli. Right? So here’s a guy, he’s a Tea Party favorite in Virginia. The guy is certifiable when it comes to mainstream political thought.” [MSNBC, 2/4/13]

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough: Cuccinelli “Has Said More Things That Offend The Voters That Swing Elections Than Is Humanly Possible”

In February 2013, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC of Cuccinelli: “This is a guy that has said more things that offend the voters that swing elections than is humanly possible.” [MSNBC, 2/4/13]

Cuccinelli Confronted by Republican Business Leaders “About What Is On the Minds of Many Virginia and National Republicans: Whether the Tea Party-Backed Attorney General Can, Or Wants to, Run a Pragmatic Campaign”

In February 2013, Politico reported, “Two prominent northern Virginia business leaders got into a heated exchange with Virginia Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli in front of a few hundred top GOP donors at a closed-door meeting Friday, multiple sources told POLITICO. Bobbie Kilberg, a longtime Republican donor and CEO of Northern Virginia Technology Council, and Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Arlington-based Consumer Electronics Association, stood up separately to confront Cuccinelli about what is on the minds of many Virginia and national Republicans: whether the Tea Party-backed attorney general can, or wants to, run a pragmatic campaign in the increasingly moderate Old Dominion.” [Politico, 2/25/13]

Republican Bruce Thompson: “We’re Trying to Attract Businesses from Other Areas of the Country and We’re Telling Women that We’re Going to Regulate the Way That They Run Their Life?”

In July 2013, Bloomberg reported, “’Mr. Cuccinelli’s very hard stance on some of the social issues is a concern for me,’ said Virginia Beach developer Bruce L. Thompson, chief executive officer of Gold Key/PHR Hotels and Resorts, a financial backer of current Republican Governor Bob McDonnell who in May gave McAuliffe $25,000. ‘I believe personally in a woman’s right to choose, but I also think from an economic development standpoint, we’re trying to attract businesses from other areas of the country, and we’re telling women that we’re going to regulate the way that they run their life? I just don’t think we can be exclusionary when it comes to women’ and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals, Thompson said.” [Bloomberg, 7/22/13]