October 16, 2019 News & Press Releases

Glenn Davis Falsely Inflates Fundraising Numbers In Another Embarrassing Gimmick

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Glenn Davis Falsely Inflates Fundraising Numbers In Another Embarrassing Gimmick 

RICHMOND, VA - Republican Delegate Glenn Davis is getting desperate. His Democratic opponent Karen Mallard has consistently been out-fundraising and out-working him in his own district. And his campaign to rebrand himself after a failed run for Lieutenant Governor isn't working.

Yesterday, he tried another embarrassing ploy to get attention by falsely padding his fundraising numbers to avoid an embarrassingly low fundraising total. 

But like his other campaign tactics, this one fell flat. Glenn Davis claimed the Democratic Party of Virginia's efforts to fund mail and social media ads on behalf of Mallard were actually helping him. On his September fundraising reports he listed a false $44,000 in-kind contribution from the DPVA, conveniently nearly doubling his money raised for the month of September. But Mallard still raised more than four times what Davis brought in for the second time in a row, bringing in $341,589 to his paltry $82,027. 

"Just like his favorite President, Donald Trump, Glenn Davis loves to inflate his finances to seem more successful than he really is. And just like Trump, he completely failed. Glenn knew he couldn't compete with the grassroots support Karen Mallard has in his district, so he cooked up another desperate gimmick to boost his fundraising numbers. But even with the fake $44,000 he claimed the DPVA gave him, he still got put to shame," said DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox.