July 9, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin Had One of the Worst Weeks in Virginia Campaign History

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — This week, Glenn Youngkin had one of the worst weeks in Virginia campaign history. Youngkin was caught on camera admitting to a voter that his entire campaign strategy is based on lying to Virginians about his extreme right wing agenda. As he voiced his support for banning abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood, Youngkin admitted that he is deliberately attempting to hide these positions. 

Virginians were also reminded of Youngkin’s total loyalty to Donald Trump, Youngkin continued to cower in fear of debating Terry McAuliffe, was exposed for lying about marijuana legalization, and was blasted by leaders across the commonwealth for his American job-killing track record.

Here are the lowlights of an embarrassingly devastating week for Glenn Youngkin’s flailing campaign.

Youngkin Caught on Camera Admitting He’s Lying About His Extreme Agenda

This week, news broke about Glenn Youngkin’s appalling attempts to hide his dangerous far-right agenda. Safe to say, people took notice of Youngkin’s disturbing comments and the reality that just like his top endorser Donald Trump, Youngkin is a phony lying politician.

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As put by DPVA Chair Susan Swecker:

“It has long been clear that Glenn Youngkin is a hardline Republican extremist who wants to ban abortion in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now, this shocking report shows that Youngkin is also cynically lying to Virginians about his plan to eviscerate healthcare by defunding Planned Parenthood.

Glenn Youngkin is a typical two-faced politician -- and by his very own admission, Virginians should not trust a single word out of his mouth. If Youngkin is readily admitting that he’s lying about his plans to defund Planned Parenthood, what else is he hiding?”

Virginians Reminded of Youngkin’s Complete Allegiance to Donald Trump

While Glenn Youngkin spent the week flailing in despair about his damning admission being caught on camera, his dear leader Donald Trump parachuted in to the rescue. This morning, the twice-impeached Florida retiree released yet another statement of support for his hand-picked candidate.

This serves as yet another reminder that Glenn Youngkin is running on his support for Trump -- who gave Youngkin his “Complete and Total” endorsement immediately after the Virginia GOP convention. Youngkin says that he is “honored” to have Donald Trump’s endorsement and refuses to separate himself from the former president on any policy area. Youngkin is even telling Virginians that “Trump represents so much of why I'm running.”

Virginians have resoundingly rejected Trump and his allies before — and they will again this November -- but don’t tell Glenn! His feelings are hurt enough. He can read about it in the paper.

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Glenn is Terrified of Debating Terry McAuliffe

We get it -- Glenn has been busy. Youngkin spent the week tripping over himself and hiding from questions after he told a total stranger his campaign strategy is to lie to Virginians about his far right agenda. In doing so, however, Glenn seems to have forgotten that the clock is ticking to accept the invitation to debate Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin still has not accepted an invitation to the Virginia Bar Association’s debate, a time-honored tradition that has been held without interruption since 1985. Virginians across the commonwealth are waiting for an answer -- and they want Glenn to stop ducking the debates.

Youngkin Exposed for Lying to Virginians -- Again

This week, a new Washington Post fact check showed Youngkin’s lies extend beyond his extreme stance on abortion. While marijuana legalization has bipartisan support from Virginians across the commonwealth, Youngkin has tried to undermine it with false claims about its economic benefits. 

The Washington Post: Youngkin wrongly claims ‘every single state’ has earned disappointing cannabis revenue

Youngkin earned “Three Pinocchios” in a new Washington Post analysis for his baseless criticism of marijuana legalization policies that have outperformed revenue projections in multiple states. Come on, Glenn!

Youngkin Blasted Across the Commonwealth for His Record of Killing American Jobs

This week, DPVA held press conferences in Roanoke and Richmond highlighting Glenn Youngkin’s track record of offshoring American jobs while harming working people and discussed Democrats’ work building a strong Virginia economy.

While Youngkin spent his career devastating communities across Virginia and the country, Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats have a strong track record of creating jobs and a plan to build a stronger economy post-COVID. 

Now, Virginians are hearing about this essential contrast from leaders all across the commonwealth. Watch the full conversations here and here.