April 5, 2022 News & Press Releases

Governor Youngkin’s Incompetence Continues – Waits For Legislators Leave to Send Legislation

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Governor Youngkin Should Pay Back Virginians After Wasting $46,000 in Taxpayer Dollars

Richmond, VA – After calling back legislators to Richmond and wasting $46,000 in taxpayers' dollars with nothing to vote on, Governor Youngkin waited until after the House and Senate went into recess to send his gas tax holiday bill. In another glaring example of his incompetence as Governor, Governor Youngkin is showing Virginians his inexperience and inability to understand the basics of how government functions.

This is not his first time fully not understanding how government works, in a recent article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, it was clear that Governor Youngkin was not in communication with his own party about budget negotiations and even caught Republican legislators off guard when he announced a special session through a self-funded campaign-style ad. 

“The Governor thinks he’s still the co-CEO of a company – he’s not, he is the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and his glaring incompetence is beginning to harm Virginians,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “The Governor is wasting taxpayer dollars to play political theater and it needs to stop. His negligence cost Virginians $46,000 yesterday and we demand that he pays us back.”