September 21, 2022 News & Press Releases

Jen Kiggans Continues To Support Local Candidate Accused of Elder Abuse

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA – Several days after allegations broke that Chesapeake City Council candidate, Amanda Newins, was being sued by her family and investigated by police for elder abuse and local officials began to remove their support from Newins – but not Jen Kiggans. 

Rather than renounce her support, Jen Kiggans – a geriatric nurse – has decided to hide from the press, refusing to answer why she supports a candidate who is under police investigation for elder abuse. 

On Sunday, WAVY 10 attempted to reach out to the Kiggans campaign on her support of Newins stating: 

“[we] have been seeking comments from the Kiggans campaign all weekend with no response.” 

Yesterday, a new report from 13News Now, attempted to reach out to the Kiggans campaign on her support of Newins stating: 

“13News Now reached out to Kiggans' campaign twice for a comment on the situation, but they didn't respond before this article was published.”

Amanda Newins is being investigated and sued for misappropriation of funds for “allegedly mistreating an elderly woman and her late husband and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property and cash from them.” Records show that Kiggans donated to Newins’s campaign, and has been a supporter for months. 

“It’s been days since these horrific allegations broke and Jen Kiggans, a geriatric nurse, is still supporting a candidate accused of elder abuse,” said Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “It’s clear that there’s no low too low for Jen Kiggans, and that she’ll do anything to win an election – even throw away her oath as a geriatric nurse to support a crook who took advantage of her own family elderly members.”