August 22, 2023 News & Press Releases

New Ad Highlights MAGA Plan to Ban Abortion in Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – Far-right, MAGA Republicans have made no secret that if elected, they’ll work to ban abortion, taking away Virginian’s freedoms. In the last General Assembly session, their abortion ban was stopped by the 1-vote Democratic majority.

Virginia House Democrats last week launched a new, six-figure ad campaign to make sure Virginians know their rights are at stake this November. 

WRIC: Virginia Democrats take aim at Republicans on abortion rights in new ad

Virginia House Democrats’ first statewide ad ahead of the Nov. 7 elections focuses on abortion access, targeting Republicans on the issue and claiming GOP lawmakers will ban the procedure if they take control of the General Assembly.

The first ad focuses on comments from John Stirrup, a Republican running for the House of Delegates who said he would favor a “100% ban” on abortion in a recording obtained and reported by The Washington Post.

RTD: "Abortion laws: See the new ad Virginia House Democrats released"

“Virginia is the least restrictive state in the South when it comes to abortion access, House Democrats are launching a series of digital ads warning that current abortion laws will not be the same if more Republicans are elected to the state legislature this year.” [...] “The Democrats’ ad, along with candidate-specific ads, will run in 14 battleground districts.”

Virginia Scope: House Democrats focus on abortion in statewide ad

“The House Democrats announced today that they are launching an ad statewide that focuses on abortion access. Republicans have vowed to increase restrictions on abortion access if they gain total control of the General Assembly in November and Democrats appear to be making this their main focus on the campaign trail.”