January 27, 2021 News & Press Releases

Out-of-Touch Glenn Youngkin Enters Crowded, Chaotic GOP Field

by Democratic Party of Virginia

As division and chaos reigns in the Virginia GOP, Glenn Youngkin enters the governor’s race 

Richmond, VA — Today, after weeks of deliberation and uncertainty, Glenn Youngkin announced his campaign for governor — adding yet another candidate to the chaotic Republican primary. While the GOP nomination process remains mired in dysfunction and intense division, Youngkin’s entrance into the governor’s race adds fuel to the fire.

Youngkin has many blanks to fill in now that he has launched his campaign. Does he support Republican efforts to roll back Medicaid expansion? Is he also an absolute supporter of the Donald Trump agenda? As he fights to gain Republican support, Youngkin will also have to answer questions about his many years as a GOP insider — from his friendly relationship with Donald Trump, to his support of the Trump tax cuts which overwhelmingly benefitted corporations and the ultra-wealthy. 

"The ever-expanding Republican field speaks to how weak their candidates are,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “This primary is turning into a divisive competition between out-of-touch candidates fighting to prove who is most supportive of the Trump agenda. As the primary field grows and the infighting intensifies, the Virginia GOP is ensuring that far right extremism is on the ballot in 2021.”