September 12, 2018 News & Press Releases

SHREDDED: New report finds Scott Taylor’s candidate petitions were destroyed. What is he hiding? 

by DPVA Press Office

SHREDDED: New report finds Scott Taylor's candidate petitions were destroyed. What is he hiding? 

RICHMOND, Va – After September 5th’s Richmond Circuit Court Judge Gregory Rupe’s decision finding 'forgery...perjury, and out and out fraud', a new Virginian-Pilot report surfaced today finding that Virginia Republicans had Scott Taylor’s own candidate ballot petitions shredded.

Yes. The candidate petitions for Congressman Taylor, who is under an active criminal investigation looking into his role in election fraud, were DESTROYED by local Republicans.

So, if the public wanted to know if Congressman Taylor forged his own petitions along with the Shaun Brown petitions his staff forged, they would not be able to get an answer…because the evidence has been SHREDDED.

This latest evidence destruction only opens another door into the ‘sleazy — maybe even illegal election trickery’ of Congressman Scott Taylor.

DPVA Communications Director Jake Rubenstein released the following statement regarding the Virginian-Pilot’s recent reporting.

"Does someone who has nothing to hide destroy the evidence? Between the fraud, the lies, and the evidence destruction...Scott Taylor's petitions aren't the only things that have been shredded - his credibility and integrity have been too."