September 28, 2020 News & Press Releases

Virginia Democrats Respond to Bombshell Revelations about Trump’s Tax Returns

by Democratic Party of Virginia

RICHMOND - Today, Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party Susan Swecker released the following statement following the bombshell revelations about Trump’s tax returns:

“Yesterday’s New York Times story reveals what Virginians already knew -- that Donald Trump cares more about Wall Street than he does Main Street. Virginians across the Commonwealth work hard and labor over paperwork to pay their federal income taxes, while year after year, they pay more in taxes than the self-proclaimed ‘billionaire’ in the White House did. And instead of delivering real middle class tax relief, Trump’s 2017 tax bill just created more loopholes so that he and his wealthy donors could pay even less in taxes, while taxes on working Virginians are set to rise in 2027. It’s time we have a leader like Joe Biden who understands the value of hard work, getting paid a decent wage, and contributing your fair share.”