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Where do Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Trump’s VP Pick Mike Pence?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Republican Gubernatorial candidates Ed Gillespie, Congressman Rob Wittman, and Corey Stewart each have different takes on Trump, but where do they stand now that Indiana Governor Mike Pence is on the ticket? Mike Pence is best known for his his anti-LGBT law that sent Fortune 500 companies running for the hills. Pence's law cost Indiana an estimated 12 conferences at a loss of $60 million and forced Angie's List to call off a massive $40 million dollar expansion with 1,000 new jobs in Indiana. 
The two Washington Insiders, Ed Gillespie and Rob Wittman, have gone out of their way to duck questions on Trump and whether or not they support anti-LGBT legislation, like the bill Governor McAuliffe vetoed earlier this year. Now that the Gubernatorial candidates are all headed to Cleveland, their positions will be more difficult to hide than ever. 
"All three gubernatorial hopefuls will be in Cleveland next week and between Mike Pence and the RNC creating the most anti-LGBT platform ever, their silence will be on full display," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Gubernatorial hopefuls owe it to voters to come clean about where they stand on discriminatory laws that are bad for business and openly encouraged by a Trump-Pence ticket."