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Virginians Left Wondering: What’s Donald Trump Hiding?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Virginians Left Wondering: What's Donald Trump Hiding?

Whether they're a Democrat or a Republican, ALL major presidential candidates since 1976 have released their tax returns under a unified commitment to greater public transparency...until now.

Donald Trump has said repeatedly he will not release his tax returns in a stunning blow to public accountability.

The kicker? In 2012 Donald Trump said if you’re running for President, “at a minimum, probably, you’re going to have to show your [tax] returns” and they should be released by April 1st of the election year.

"Trump's refusal to release his taxes represents an unprecedented blow to public transparency, and it begs the question: What's he hiding?" said Emily Bolton of the Democratic Party of Virginia.


Perhaps he didn't pay taxes at all?

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Or maybe he has Russian ties? Or maybe he's just not that rich?

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One thing is clear: the American people, Democrats and Republicans ALL agree that Donald Trump should release his taxes.

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