Poll Observer Volunteer Description

Poll Observers play an important role in the 2023 November General Election. Poll Observers monitor the opening of polls, the voting process, and the closing of polls to ensure that every eligible Virginian is able to cast their ballot and have it counted. Poll Observers are voters’ first line of defense and the Voter Protection Team’s eyes and ears inside polling locations. The Voter Protection Team assigns Poll Observers to polling locations where we expect significant Democratic votes.

Goals of the Poll Observer Program

  • Maximize the number of voters who legitimately cast regular ballots 
  • Advocate for voters having trouble 
  • Help election officials run a smooth operation 
  • Report incidents through LBJ 
  • Record information relevant to potential litigation

Inside Poll Observers 

  • Inside Poll Observers are the Voter Protection Teams eyes and ears inside polling locations on Election Day. Inside Observers are a resource to election officials and voters. Inside Observers will:
    • Recognize issues by talking to the Poll Workers and other election officials and listening to interactions between voters and election officials
    • Help resolve issues raised by voters, election officials, and others 
    • Report incidents and information about issues happening inside polling locations
    • Record issues that may be relevant to potential litigation