October 16, 2018 Press Releases and Announcements

DPVA STATEMENT: Abigail Spanberger Wins VA-07 Debate

by DPVA Press Office

DPVA STATEMENT Abigail Spanberger Wins VA07 Debate

DPVA Communications Director Jake Rubenstein made the following statement after Abigail Spanberger’s resounding victory in tonight’s VA-07 debate hosted by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce.

“Tonight in an impressive performance in VA-07’s debate, Abigail Spanberger took Dave Brat to task at every turn further illustrating to voters why she deserves to represent them in Congress. Spanberger drew a distinct line, laying out the glaring differences between the real leadership she has displayed throughout her entire career, and Dave Brat’s abandonment of Virginian values while in Congress.

Focusing on her experience as a former CIA officer working on some of the country’s toughest counter-terrorism cases, Spanberger spoke to her record of getting things done and delivering results no matter the circumstances. Dave Brat, on the other hand, continued to echo the divisive rhetoric and extreme positions of the far-right Freedom Caucus. 

Abigail Spanberger made it clear this evening - she will always put Virginia first, while Dave Brat chooses to put conservative special interests in Washington ahead of his VA-07 constituents. Abigail’s strong performance tonight is just another reason why Spanberger and the positive message she’s running on will prevail this November.”