September 29, 2015 Press Releases and Announcements

Wagner Offends Constituents, Blames Them for Being Offended

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Last week while behind closed doors at a Republican country club event, Politician Frank Wagner showed exactly how out-of-touch he is by saying that he wishes he only represented the affluent half of his district and not "rent-assisted places and that type of thing."
Yesterday, Frank Wagner not only refused to apologize for his offensive remarks, but his campaign is now blaming those offended for their own "personal and political bias."
"It's a remarkable admission of just how out-of-touch Politician Frank Wagner has become in his 24 years in Richmond. Frank has the gall say that he wishes he didn't represent half of his constituents, and then blame them for being offended by his comments," said DPVA Press Secretary Morgan Finkelstein. "I suppose when you're wined and dined by lobbyists as much as Frank Wagner is, you forget you're supposed to represent your constituents, not yourself."