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HUGE WALK BACK: Ed Gillespie Drops “For All Virginians” Motto From Latest Mailer

by Democratic Party of Virginia

HUGE WALK BACK: Ed Gillespie Drops “For All Virginians” Motto From Latest Mailer

Gillespie Officially Gives Up Running as a Moderate GOP — and Earns Plaudits from Corey Stewart

In a stunning reversal, the Gillespie campaign has stopped using its signature motto “for all Virginians” in paid mail. The dramatic shift — which has already won the approval of Corey Stewart — is just the latest indication that Gillespie has dropped any pretense of running as a moderate — and is running a campaign based on divisive rhetoric and lies.

As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported this evening:

The new messaging is the latest sign of Gillespie and his party moving toward a more direct approach to the racially charged issues that carried anti-establishment firebrand Corey Stewart to a surprisingly strong finish in the GOP primary earlier this year. 

This week, Washingtonian reported that in June the Gillespie campaign had met with the Trump White House to discuss how to reach “hard right” voters — in a state Donald Trump lost by 5.5 points. With 33 days left until Election day, the Gillespie campaign is now doubling down on that strategy. The new mailer — combined with Gillespie’s divisive, disgusting TV ads that lie about Ralph Northam’s record on sanctuary cities — reflects a campaign that is out of ideas and relying on toxic identity politics.

“The marriage between Ed Gillespie and Trump is now complete,” said DPVA spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “With his latest round of divisive, false ads, Gillespie has officially embraced the dark side — and earned the approval of Virginia’s Trumpster-in-Chief Corey Stewart. The biggest question in Virginia politics right now is does Ed Gillespie have any dignity left — and just how low will he go?”