October 2, 2019 Press Releases and Announcements

“On life support” – Virginia Republicans say their state party is in shambles

by Democratic Party of Virginia

"On life support" - Virginia Republicans say their state party is in shambles 

A month out from Election Day, Republicans in competitive districts admit the state GOP has no money, infrastructure to help them

RICHMOND, VA - With just over a month to go until November 5, the Republican majority in the General Assembly is in serious trouble. Republicans across the Commonwealth are being consistently out-raised and out-worked by their Democratic opponents. As their ship is sinking, a few Republicans are candidly admitting that their state party organization is a complete mess.

This week Senators Bryce Reeves and Amanda Chase have gone on the record to criticize the Republican Party of Virginia as a cash-strapped ineffective organization doing nothing to help them win their tough races. 

"We're all kind of on our own," said Reeves during a radio interview on Monday. "Our party in the Commonwealth is not functioning at 100%. We're on life support." 

Chase made the same point in an interview yesterday. "They're bankrupt," she said of the state Republican Party. "They don't have any money. They have very little organization in place." 

Recent fundraising reports show Reeves and Chase aren't exaggerating. The last time the state Republican Party reported its finances, they had less than $2,000 in the bank and raised just $36,385 compared to the DPVA's $692,282. Without support from the state party, Republican candidates in competitive races are also falling behind. September fundraising reports showed Democratic House of Delegates candidates with a $1 million cash advantage.

"Just like a Trump business venture, the Republican Party of Virginia is tanking fast. Virginia Republicans agree that their do-nothing state party is going to sink their chances of winning key races this year. They've completely given up on fundraising, are getting out-worked in every district by our volunteers, and now their own members are admitting they've been left for dead," said DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox.