July 6, 2017 Press Releases and Announcements

Virginians Speak Up: Ed Gillespie’s Fireworks Plan Fizzles

by Kevin Donohoe

Virginians Call Out Gillespie for Focusing on Fireworks, Not Health Care

The reviews are in: Ed Gillespie’s fireworks stunt hasn’t just failed — it’s shone a bright light on his complete refusal to talk about Trumpcare and real issues facing Virginian families.

In columns and letters published across the Commonwealth this weekend, Virginians have criticized Gillespie for opting to make a desperate “attention-grabbing splash” instead of taking a stand against Trumpcare. And theRichmond Times-Dispatch reported that Gillespie “remains wary” of telling voters where he stands on a bill that “would cost the state $1.4 billion over seven years.”

So instead of coming clean with Virginians about what he would do to protect their health care and stand up to Donald Trump, Gillespie has proposed yet another half-baked plan that, as Virginians wrote, could jeopardize our children’s safety and leave more Virginians injured and maimed.

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Washington Post [Letters]: Ed Gillespie’s dream of fireworks liberalization could blow up in Virginia’s face

“I am so glad Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie is getting out front on the important issue of fireworks liberalization in Virginia [“Gillespie hopes for spark from fireworks,” Metro, July 3]. That way, after his party is done dismantling the Affordable Care Act, many of those injured or maimed by those newly legalized devices can either live with their injuries or go bankrupt having them treated. Karl Metter, Alexandria”


“I hope Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie had a chance to read the July 3 Metro article “A fear of fireworks lingers.” Stacy Young’s story is not unusual, unfortunately. Every year we read about and hear about the horrific injuries that befall children, women and men as a result of fireworks gone amok. Yet it seems that Mr. Gillespie cares more about the economic aspects of fireworks without considering the potential harm done to people, including Virginians. Anne Murphy, Arlington”

Virginia Pilot: Letter: Shooting down Gillespie's pledge

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie wants Virginians to be able to buy ‘full-blown fireworks, the kind that shoot high into the air and explode.’ I guess Gillespie isn’t aware of the vast numbers of military veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder or that a huge number of these veterans live in Hampton Roads. I guess he isn’t aware of the effects that fireworks have on these brave men and women. I guess he is more concerned that ‘here in Virginia, our fireworks are pretty rinky-dink. Susan Pollock, Norfolk”

Roanoke Times: CASEY: You can just call him 'Firecracker Ed' Gillespie

“There was another good reason for Gillespie to make this proposal: He needed some kind of attention-grabbing splash. Because so far this year, his campaign has seemed more like it was on a slow burn rather than catching fire In the Republican primary, Firecracker Ed’s biggest idea was for income and business tax cuts, normally a red-meat issue for GOP voters. One problem: It sounded a lot like the grand experiment Gov. Sam Brownback inflicted upon Kansas in 2012.”