September 8, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

DPVA Calls on Barbara Comstock & Tom Garrett to Condemn Trump’s Praise of Putin and Attacks on American Generals

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Last night at the Presidential Commander-in-Chief forum, Donald Trump brazenly embraced Vladimir Putin and denigrated U.S. generals in a single swipe.

Republican candidate for the 5th congressional district, Tom Garrett, has shamelessly thrown his weight behind Donald Trump - even coming to the defense of Trump after he insulted a Virginia Gold Star family that lives in Garrett's district.

Congresswoman Barbara "No Comment" Comstock shares Trump's immigration views, but she has refused to condemn Trump's dangerous and misguided policies and rhetoric.

Tom Garrett and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock have been outspoken on military matters in their campaigns, but will they have the political courage to publicly condemn Trump's attacks on our U.S. Generals and defend his praise of Putin?

"It is absolutely inexcusable - and un-American - for a presidential candidate to denigrate U.S. Generals while simultaneously applauding Putin's leadership," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "It's time for 'pro-Military' Republicans like Barbara Comstock and Tom Garrett to step up to the plate, condemn Donald Trump, and stand up for America's military and values."