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ICYMI: Bennett Campaign Lays Out Policy Plans, Comstock Campaign Hurls Negative Attacks

by Democratic Party of Virginia

In Loudoun Times Mirror “Themes of the Race,” Comstock Only Offers Baseless Attacks

A  Loudoun Times Mirror article exploring the “recurring themes” of the race for the 10th district revealed a stark contrast between LuAnn Bennett and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

Here are some key takeaways from the article:

Comstock offered no policy solutions for voters: Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and her political operatives offered no positive policy solutions for voters - only baseless, partisan attacks and well-worn Republican talking points.

LuAnn Bennett offered details on tackling tough issues facing the 10th: LuAnn Bennett outlined how she plans to address the issues affecting the 10th district, including equal pay for equal work:

“[Bennett’s camp] responded by saying the candidate ‘will champion major investments in our infrastructure to improve Northern Virginia’s roads and Metro system, support small businesses … fight for universal pre-K and more affordable college and work to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.’”

Comstock is a partisan operative to her core: Comstock’s obsession with tearing opponents down is nothing new. Last month, Comstock was found personally directing political attacks against Bennett. And long before holding elected office, Comstock established herself as a Republican party operative and opposition researcher; a partisan the Washington Post called a “one-woman wrecking crew” who’s pointless investigations cost taxpayers nearly $80 million. Comstock even had the audacity to level a Trumpian attack on Bennett, calling her "sad" for sending mailers about equal pay to voters in the 10th CD.

No Comment Comstock's dodging is on full display: Congresswoman Comstock's operatives did all the talking - and with good reason: she refuses to engage on virtually every topic.(Related: #NoCommentComstock)

“Barbara Comstock has spent her entire career tearing people down, so it’s no surprise her negative campaign cannot muster a single positive message for the voters,” said Emily Bolton of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “LuAnn has spent her career building a successful business and is focused on improving Northern Virginia’s roads, schools, and small businesses. As the article shows, voters have a clear choice between Barbara Comstock, a political operative obsessed with tearing people down and LuAnn Bennett, a small businesswoman focused on building Northern Virginia up.”