November 2, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Mason and Mullin Receive Endorsement of Daily Press & Virginia Gazette

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Delegate Monty Mason (candidate for Senate District 1) and Mike Mullin (candidate for House District 93) have been endorsed by the Daily Press and the Virginia Gazette. See what their editorial boards said in support of these Democratic candidates:

Said the Virginia Gazette in its endorsement of Monty Mason for State Senate:

"Democrat Monty Mason is seeking to move from the House of Delegates to the state Senate to fill the seat left vacant when John Miller died in April. We believe that his election to the seat will make for a near-seamless transition."


"In speaking to the partisanship that seems to have a vise-like grip on government, his take is Richmond isn't as divided by party as it sometimes looks. He sees people willing to work across party lines and says people know who does the work and they go to them for help to get things done."


"From here, Mason is one who does the work; we think he should continue doing it in the state Senate."

Said the Virginia Gazette in its endorsement of Mike Mullin for State House:

"We agree with Mullin's broad view of issues, and the middle ground he stands on seems most akin to the nature of the district."


"While there are plenty of lawyers in Richmond, not many share his background in criminal prosecution and his desire to redirect those efforts. He says he's seeking the House of Delegates seat because he thinks he can help, can make a difference. So do we."

Said the Daily Press in its endorsement of Monty Mason for State Senate:

"Sen. Miller left a strong legacy in Richmond, and voters on the Peninsula would be wise to send a successor to Richmond who will show respect for Sen. Miller's legislative priorities. Monty Mason is the best candidate to carry that legacy forward while establishing his own vision for Virginia."

Said the Daily Press in its endorsement of Mike Mullin for State House:

"Both candidates talked about the three priorities that everyone mentions for Virginia — transportation infrastructure, public education, and jobs to grow the economy — but Mr. Mullin's proposals were more specific and therefore felt more realistic.


"In an age when too many districts are gerrymandered to produce safe, often lopsided elections, it is gratifying to see two solid, credible candidates going head-to-head. But the better choice in this race is Democrat Mike Mullin, an advocate for transparency and a moderate voice for Virginia."