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*QUIZ* Trumped Up Trivia: Gubernatorial Edition

by Democratic Party of Virginia

What's scarier than Donald Trump with access to the nuclear codes? Nothing, really. But coming in a close second is Virginia gubernatorial candidates' blind support of the most dangerous candidate for president in modern history.

Check out our quiz to see how much the candidates really love Donald Trump:

Q: Gubernatorial candidate Frank Wagner compared Trump's candidacy to what war?

  1. The War on Women
  2. The Civil War
  3. The War on the Press

A: The Civil War! At Trump's rally in Virginia Beach, Frank Wagner "cited Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee galvanizing rebel troops at the Battle of the Wilderness as a metaphor for the need for Trump’s supporters to pick up his fight and help turn out the vote." [Right Wing Watch, 10/24/2016]

Q: Gubernatorial candidate Rob Wittman illustrated his love for Donald Trump by comparing him to what?

  1. His wife
  2. Tax cuts for the wealthy
  3. His family

A: His Wife! Yes, Rob Wittman, the perceived low-key member of "Trump's Virginia Leadership Team" compared his love for Trump to his love for his wife during a debate, here's what he said: "As I have said, there are places where I disagree with him.  But you know what, my wife and I have been married for 35 years.  There have been a number of things we disagree on.  But we support each other.  To me, that's key to how I look at this.  That is purely and simply my position and my support for Mr. Trump." [Debate Footage via YouTube, excerpt begins at 08:00, 10/16/2016]

Q: When does Washington Insider Ed Gillespie associate himself with Donald Trump?

  1. When it's politically expedient
  2. All of the time
  3. When he's racing to the right

A: All of the time. You'd think a Washington Insider like Ed Gillespie would know better than to associate himself with a toxic candidate like Donald Trump, but that hasn't stopped him from stumping for Trump, proclaiming that “it’s very important that we help Donald Trump carry the Commonwealth,” and doubling down on his support when his loyalty was questioned, Gillespie is all in.

Q: True or False: The former Chairman of Virginia's Trump Campaign Corey Stewart was actually fired for loving Trump too much.

  1. True
  2. False

A: True, establishment puke! Stewart got the boot for out-Trumping Trump after he led a group of protesters to the RNC. He's been deemed Trump's Mini Me and even calls himself "Trump before Trump was Trump." Even though he lost his gig, he remains steadfast in his support for Trump and he loves making waves by putting his opponents on the spot. Our guess? He'll be "Making GOP Gubernatorial Primaries Great Again" come November 9th.


Last week, the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) launched www.trump4gov.com - a website to hold gubernatorial candidates accountable for supporting Trump. Check it out here!