December 22, 2022 News & Press Releases

Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan Receives Democratic Nomination in VA-04

by Democratic Party of Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – Today at 4:05 AM, the Democratic Party of Virginia concluded its tabulation of the results of the Firehouse Primary held on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 to elect a Democratic nominee for the Special Election to succeed the late Congressman A. Donald McEachin.

Tuesday’s party-run process saw historic turnout with 27,900 votes cast, making it the largest party-run nomination process in the history of the Democratic Party of Virginia; voter turnout even exceeded the last state-run primary in VA-04, when 15,728 votes were cast.

The Democratic voters of the fourth congressional district delivered the following results:

Jennifer L. McClellan – 23,661 (84.81%)

Joseph D. Morrissey – 3,782 (13.56%)

Tavorise K. Marks – 217 (0.78%)

Joseph E. Preston –  174 (0.62%)

Unallocated – 66 (0.24%)

Susan Swecker, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, will be joined by Alexsis Rodgers, Chairwoman of the Fourth Congressional District Democratic Committee, for a press conference at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s headquarters (919 E Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219) at 10:00 AM to further discuss the historic nomination of Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan.