July 15, 2020 News & Press Releases

VA Dems Slam Trump Tax Hike On One Million Virginians

by Democratic Party of Virginia

As Virginians finish filing their federal taxes today, Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Susan Swecker released the following statement:

“Donald Trump promised Virginians that our taxes would go ‘way down.’ Instead, he passed a tax scam that will hike taxes on more than a million Virginians while handing billions to the wealthy and well-connected. Trump’s incompetence has already cratered our economy, and working families can’t afford to foot the bill for a giveaway to his rich friends.

“Virginians deserve a president who will put working people first. That’s why we saw through Trump’s empty promises in 2016, it’s why we’re mobilizing to end his disastrous presidency in November, and it’s why we’re going to send Joe Biden to the White House.”


Promise: “Your taxes will go way way down under a Trump administration.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Virginia Beach VA, 10/22/16]

Reality: Donald Trump’s tax scam will raise taxes on more than 1 million Virginians by 2027. Meanwhile, Trump handed massive tax giveaways to large corporations and the ultra-wealthy; by 2027, 82.8% of his tax scam’s benefits will go to the top 1%