April 17, 2024 News & Press Releases

DPVA Releases Clock Counting So Virginians Can Keep Track Of How Long Hung Cao Has Remained Silent About His Scam PAC 

by DPVA Press

Richmond, VA – Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia is releasing a clock so Virginians can keep track of how long Hung Cao has refused to comment after he was caught lying about using money from his super PAC to promote himself instead of fulfilling his promise to help Virginia Republicans in 2023. 

Cao has faced pushback from his fellow Republicans for problems with his Scam PAC. Eddie Garcia called on Cao to “address the seriousness of these allegations,” and Emord went further, lambasting Cao for soliciting money under “false pretenses.” 

It’s not just his Scam PAC. Cao has faced scrutiny for his issues with the truth in this brutal primary. Last month, Jonathan Emord said that Cao “has a problem, and that is a false resume” and that “we don’t need another George Santos situation” when discussing Cao’s background. Emord said Cao “can’t win against Kaine” because of his lack of integrity and said, “If you are not truthful as to who you are, Kaine will absolutely eviscerate you.” This morning on John Fredericks Show, Emord said that Cao’s campaign is imploding because "here's a person who has to be scripted, who does not want to interact with people who has these issues related to his fundraising and his, his association with a super PAC, coordination issues and other issues that may invite further federal investigation.”  

Below is a screenshot of the countup clock. You can view the clock here:

“Hung Cao should be ashamed of himself for his refusal to answer questions about why he deceived and lied to Virginians to promote himself and his political career,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “We encourage every Virginian to use this tool to keep track of how long Hung Cao has remained silent about his Scam PAC.”