April 16, 2024 News & Press Releases

Fellow GOP Senate Candidates Slam Cao For His Scam PAC, Saying He Should Address “Seriousness Of These Allegations” And “Not Solicit Money Under False Pretenses” 

by DPVA Press

Emord: Cao’s Campaign Is “Imploding

Richmond, VA – Two other GOP Senate candidates are slamming Hung Cao for his Scam PAC, saying he should address the “seriousness of these allegations” and “not solicit money under false pretenses.” While Hung Cao has remained silent on this bombshell report, his fellow GOP candidates and conservative activists have had no issue wading into the issue of his Scam PAC.  

Yesterday a report from the News Leader showed that an “analysis of Unleash America’s expenditures shows no support of any kind, in-kind or otherwise, for Virginia’s Republican candidates, though that’s what Cao promised his PAC would do, over and over in 2023.” Following that news, Eddie Garcia and Jonathan Emord slammed Cao on social media. Garcia wanted Cao to address the “seriousness of these allegations quickly and in detail” and argued Virginians should support someone who believes in “truth” — something that Hung Cao appears to have a real problem with. Emord said that candidates must “truthfully represent who they are and not solicit money under false pretenses” and that the nation “will be saved by patriots, not thieves.” Buckle up, folks! 

Conservative activists also took issue with Cao’s Scam PAC. Arlington GOP Chair Matthew Hurtt said that “2024 #VASen candidate @HungCao_VA appears to be affiliated with one such Scam PAC” and argued it was particularly egregious because “the money Cao's PAC fleeced from donors could have been the difference-maker" in the 2023 legislative races. A Garcia ally tweeted a video of Hung Cao saying that you didn’t see a lot of him campaigning while state elections were happening because he was busy “getting money outside the state,” a likely reference to Cao’s fundraising efforts with the Scam PAC. A Moms for Liberty chapter chair tweeted “Where did all of the money go?” That’s a great question Cao owes Virginians an answer to. 

Cao's problem with the truth has continued to dog his campaign. Last month, Jonathan Emord said that Cao “has a problem, and that is a false resume” and that “we don’t need another George Santos situation” when discussing Cao’s background. Emord said Cao “can’t win against Kaine” because of his lack of integrity and said, “If you are not truthful as to who you are, Kaine will absolutely eviscerate you.” This morning on John Fredericks Show, Emord said that Cao’s campaign is imploding because "here's a person who has to be scripted, who does not want to interact with people who has these issues related to his fundraising and his, his association with a super PAC, coordination issues and other issues that may invite further federal investigation.” Grab your popcorn, everyone! This primary is only going to get nastier from now until June.  

“Even Hung Cao’s fellow Republicans know he is a liar who is only looking out for himself,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “As Cao faces more scrutiny for inflating his resume, dodging public forums, and lying about how he solicited money to a scam PAC, it is becoming clearer by the day that the more Virginians learn about Hung Cao, the more they will see he’s a complete fraud.”