April 12, 2024 News & Press Releases

After Facing Scrutiny For Inflating His Resume, Hung Cao Hides From GOP Forums 

by DPVA Press

Richmond, VA – Following increased scrutiny from his fellow GOP candidates for inflating his resume, Hung Cao is now ducking forums because he can’t handle the heat.  

Last month, candidate Jonathan Emord went after Hung Cao on the John Fredericks Show, criticizing him for inflating his resume and how that makes him vulnerable in a general election. Emord said that Cao “has a problem, and that is a false resume” and that “we don’t need another George Santos situation” when discussing Cao’s background. Emord said Cao “can’t win against Kaine” because of his lack of integrity and said, “If you are not truthful as to who you are, Kaine will absolutely eviscerate you.”  

Cao has been ducking Virginia Republican voters for months. In February, Cao was a no-show at candidate forums in Spotsylvania and Virginia Beach. In March, Cao declined to attend two Republican forums in Virginia Beach and another in Springfield. On Tuesday, Cao did not attend a forum in his neck of the woods in Arlington hosted by Chasing Freedom Virginia. And Cao did not attend a GOP forum in Suffolk yesterday.  

“Hung Cao is dodging debates because he knows that the more Virginians meet him, the more they won't like him,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “Whether he tries to hide from Virginians in his basement or behind his keyboard, Hung Cao won’t be able to escape his extremist record of attacking reproductive freedom, spreading racist conspiracy theories, and putting his support of Donald Trump ahead of Virginians at every turn.”