DPVA Debate COVID-19 Safety Standards

Upon Arrival of debate: 

  1. Must complete a health and safety form no more than 1 hour before arrival to debate location. 
  2. Once arrived must complete an onsite temperature check and complete online form logging in your temperature. 
  3. Candidates are allowed no more than 2 people to be with them on site at each debate. 

Note: if temperature is over 100.3°F that individual is not allowed to enter the debate location.

During the Debate: 

Candidates, Staff and other supporters will abide by the COVID Safety Standards set by the station and venue. 

  1.  Eating or drinking is only allowed at a designated location of the station facility or venue. Ex. A green room or outside. 
  2. Must maintain 6 feet of distance between all attendees present at the debate venue. 
  3. Mush wash hands and or apply hand sanitizer regularly 
  4. Face masks must be worn at all times in the debate venue

Those who have been Vaccinated: 

Note: For those that have been fully vaccinated these safety standards may not apply. We will wait for further medical guidance.