April 14, 2017 DPVA Blog · Press Releases and Announcements

So We Never Got An Answer On What Spending Ed Gillespie Would Cut

by Christina Freundlich

Ed Gillespie Flip-Flops on Cutting Spending Under His Tax Plan

At last night’s GOP gubernatorial debate, Ed Gillespie admitted that he would have to cut spending to pay for his tax plan.

This is new -- previously, Gillespie said he wouldn’t have to cut any spending because of increased revenue.

Later in the debate, there was still no word.

The Commonwealth Institute found that under Gillespie’s tax plan, much of the benefit would go to wealthy households, while working families would get far less and critical public services would be put at risk. These proposals also mean forgoing revenue that is needed to create schools, roads, and other public services -- programs vital to the economic prosperity of Virginia’s middle class.

“The only thing that Ed Gillespie is holding onto is more money in his pocket at the expense of the middle class,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “If Ed Gillespie wants middle class families to pay more, he needs to come clean on what spending cuts he would enact that will directly impact the prosperity of Virginia families.”