October 9, 2019 News & Press Releases

Abandoning Her Constituents, Extremist Republican Amanda Chase Launches New Campaign For Governor

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Abandoning Her Constituents, Extremist Republican Amanda Chase Launches New Campaign For Governor 

RICHMOND, VA - Republican Senator Amanda Chase has always been more concerned with building her own profile than representing her constituents in the General Assembly. From inviting pro-Trump celebrities to campaign with her to fostering a reputation as a gun-toting extremist, Chase has always put her political brand above the needs of her district.

Now it's clear why. In an interview with the Chesterfield Observer, Chase announced that she will run for Governor in 2025. "I’m planning to run for governor in 2025. I am. I’m doing it,” she said, shortly after being kicked out of the Chesterfield County Republican Party. 

Her extremism and self-promotion even have Republicans worried they're in danger of losing what they imagined was an easily winnable race. Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jack Wilson recently told the Chesterfield Observer that he's worried Chase is sinking their chances of maintaining control of the Senate. "All of a sudden what was a very safe seat becomes competitive," he said, complaining that Chase's behavior would force the party to "take resources away from other seats that we knew were competitive." 

Chase has been running a campaign built around her political brand, not the issues. And her new campaign for higher office is just another sign that she's more concerned with advancing her career than advancing the interests of the people she represents. Meanwhile, her Democratic opponent Amanda Pohl has been focusing closely on key issues like affordable health care, and is set to launch the first TV ads in the race next week. 

"Amanda Chase will be following the Virginia Republican tradition of failed extremists launching a losing campaign for statewide office. But for someone who claims to be an outsider, she's acting a lot like the politicians she claims to oppose. The people of the 11th district deserve a Senator who prioritizes fighting for them, not advancing her own political career," said DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox.