February 18, 2020 News & Press Releases

Ahead of Pence Visit, VA Dems Slam Trump’s Broken Promises to Hampton Roads

by Democratic Party of Virginia

"Donald Trump and Mike Pence continue to fail Virginians, especially those in Hampton Roads. They've gutted crucial military funding that the region relies on in favor of a failed border wall thousands of miles away. Whatever he says tomorrow, Pence can't spin that failed legacy of broken promises to Virginia," said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox. 

Mike Pence's scheduled visit to Hampton Roads on Wednesday should remind Virginians of all the ways the Trump administration has failed them. The Trump administration has diverted tens of millions of dollars away from military projects in Virginia to send to the failed border wall. To date, he's diverted nearly $10 billion in military funds to cover the ballooning costs of the wall, undermining Congressional authority and shortchanging places like Hampton Roads. 

Promise: “We’re going to build a wall, and Mexico’s going to pay for the wall.” [Trump Campaign Event, Abingdon VA, 8/10/16]

Promise: “Our military is not being funded properly. We don’t have enough money going in. We need a strong military. We need a powerful, strong military.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Ashburn VA, 8/2/16]

Promise: “We’re going to build up our military stronger than it’s ever been before. Ever, ever, ever, ever.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Norfolk VA, 10/31/15]

RealityMexico still isn't paying for the wall. Instead, Trump forced the military to divert $3.6 billion away from critical construction projects.

Reality: Trump’s wall obsession diverted over $77 million in funding from Hampton Roads military projects.

Reality: After demanding $5 billion in taxpayer funds for his wall, Trump forced a 35-day government shutdown affecting more than 34,000 Virginians.

The Trump/Pence administration's rollback of environmental protection measures have also threatened the region Pence will visit, which is one of the most vulnerable areas in the country to flooding and sea level rise. Local authorities in Norfolk and Virginia Beach have estimated that the cost of flood prevention measures could be over $4 billion. A new report says that Hampton Roads could see some of the highest rates of sea level rise in the country by 2050. 

Naval bases in Virginia top the list of military bases most vulnerable to climate change. Trump and Pence pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, staffing their cabinet with fossil fuel lobbyists, and rolling back dozens of environmental protection rules no doubt will exacerbate the threats to Hampton Roads.