June 4, 2024 News & Press Releases

All Of The GOP Extremist Senate Candidates Would Not Lift A Finger To Protect Birth Control Access 

by DPVA Press

Cao, Parkinson, Smith, Emord, And Garcia All Stand With Trump, Not Virginians, As He Attacks Birth Control 

Richmond, VA – Just two weeks after Donald Trump went on Pittsburgh’s KDKA and admitted he was open to allowing states to restrict access to birth control, the U.S. Senate is voting on the Right to Contraception Act to protect this fundamental freedom. Despite the clear threat Trump is to Virginians’ reproductive freedom, Republican Senate candidates have not said a single thing condemning Trump’s threat to restrict birth control access or how they would protect this fundamental freedom in the U.S. Senate. Their silence is deafening and is a political gift to Donald Trump’s extreme anti-choice agenda. 
MAGA extremists Cao, Parkinson, Smith, and Emord are anti-choice and believe life begins at conception, which puts in vitro fertilization and birth control access on the MAGA chopping block. 

Here’s why they haven’t said anything: 

  • Hung Cao endorsed Donald Trump for President in December. When asked on the Jiggy Jaguar Show if he would have Trump campaign with him, Cao said “absolutely” and affirmed that he was a “MAGA Republican” and in the “Trump America First camp.” Since receiving Trump’s endorsement, Cao has praised Trump on X numerous times, including a photo of the two with the caption “MAGA!” 
  • On “Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid” Scott Parkinson said, “Well, listen, I've enthusiastically endorsed President Trump in his race, I hope to have his support as well. I would probably campaign shoulder to shoulder with him all throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.” Parkinson called Trump’s trial “politicization of our legal process.” After the verdict, Parkinson posted a photo of himself and Trump with the caption “Stand tall with Trump.” 
  • At the Augusta County Regional Republican Christmas Party in December, Chuck Smith said, “I'm an American first, pro American, pro-life, pro children, pro values pro Trump, pro MAGA, and an anti-democratic, a card carrying, gun toting 100% unapologetic supporter of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.” In a string of posts about Trump’s guilty verdicts, Smith said the day was one where “we bow our heads in shame and disgrace.” 
  • Jonathan Emord said, “we need a commander in chief like President Donald Trump” at the Appomattox Senate Candidate Forum in May. Emord also peddles the Big Lie, believing that Trump won in 2020. Emord is hoping to get Trump’s 34 convictions overturned by filing an amicus brief in New York. 
  • Eddie Garcia thinks that “if President Trump is serious about winning Virginia, I'm going to be the one to deliver to him.” After Trump’s New York verdict Garcia posted, “Once again, @realDonaldTrump is the victim of political prosecution turned political persecution by the radical left.” 

We know the Republican Senate candidates would vote against the Right to Contraception Act because they care more about pleasing Trump than protecting Virginians’ fundamental freedoms.  

"From being the architect to overturning Roe to now attacking birth control, Donald Trump has made it clear that he is the biggest threat to Virginia women’s health and safety in a generation,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “As the U.S. Senate votes to protect the right to contraception, Virginians know the Republican Senate candidates will vote against them because they are pro-Trump, pro-MAGA, and will put Donald Trump’s anti-choice, anti-birth control, and anti-freedom agenda ahead of Virginians no matter what. Virginians deserve leaders who will stand up for abortion rights, their right to contraception, and their reproductive freedom, not MAGA extremist lapdogs like the GOP Senate candidates.”