July 1, 2021 News & Press Releases

As Virginia’s Economy Rebounds From the Pandemic, Glenn Youngkin’s Far-Right Agenda Would Threaten the Commonwealth’s Recovery

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — In the latest sign that President Biden and Democrats' economic recovery efforts are working, new jobless claims hit a new low again this week. While Glenn Youngkin has made his opposition to the American Rescue Plan crystal clear, Democratic leadership is driving a strong economic recovery across the commonwealth. 

Funds from the American Rescue Plan are already making an impact across the commonwealth. Localities are using the money for housing, transportation, local law enforcement funding, and economic development programs. Despite the devastating pandemic, Virginia Democrats were able to fulfill their promise this year to raise teacher pay -- giving public school teachers a 5% raise, along with other state employees -- that goes into effect today. 

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows Virginia's state level unemployment rate is at a yearly low of 4.5% -- a rate the BLS noted was "significantly lower" than the national average. Thanks to Democrats, Child Tax Credit increases will hit tens of thousands of Virginians’ pockets later this month, giving a boost to Virginia families that will lift an estimated 85,000 Virginia children out of poverty.

Despite all of this progress, Glenn Youngkin has advanced a far right agenda that would threaten Virginia’s recovery. Youngkin opposes raising the minimum wage to $15/hour — a policy the vast majority of Americans support -- and he opposes paid sick, family, and medical leave for Virginians.

“Glenn Youngkin’s extreme Republican agenda would be devastating for Virginia’s economic recovery,” said DPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder. “While Terry McAuliffe is prepared to continue the progress we have made and work with President Biden to build a better economic future for all Virginians, Youngkin wants to drag the commonwealth backwards. Virginia’s next governor must be someone who will fight for Virginia’s economic recovery -- not against it.”