February 23, 2022 News & Press Releases

Attorney General Jason Miyares Hired Big Lie and Insurrectionist Sympathizer, Fired A January 6th Investigator–Now He’s Meeting With Virginia’s Top Election Integrity Conspiracy Theorist

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Miyares Proving His Allegiance to Most Extreme Factions of His Party

Richmond, VA — Since the inauguration, the Attorney General’s Office has been in complete turmoil–from a Quid-Pro-Quo to clearly breaking a key campaign finance law, Attorney General Miyares has had a rocky start. Now we’re continuing to see disturbing patterns of the Attorney General fully embracing Donald Trump’s Big Lie.

First, we learned that the Attorney General fired Tim Heaphy from his post at the University of Virginia because of his involvement in the January 6th investigation.  When pressed on the issue, he couldn't come up with an answer stating: “I’m not going to get into internal policy decisions.” Then we learned that Miyares’ Deputy Attorney General had posted statements praising the January 6th rioters, and claiming the 2020 election was stolen.

Now, he’s meeting with Senator Amanda Chase, Virginia’s top election integrity conspiracy theorist and perpetuator of dangerous election lies in the commonwealth. Attorney General Miyares hosted the first in a series of meetings with Senator Chase to explore what she claims is “evidence of gross election irregularities found not just in 2020 but a number of elections.”  Senator Chase even noted that Attorney General Miyares will be using his precious time in office to entertain this ludicrous notion once again, stating there was “too much information to present in one meeting so we are scheduling a second meeting.”

“We’re seeing a pattern out of the Attorney General’s Office that clearly shows he’s fully embracing the fringe, far-right conspiracy theories and sympathizing with the rioters of January 6th,” said DPVA Chair Susan Swecker. “From bad to worse, the Attorney General is showing us who he really is–a willing participant in the far-right's attempts to delegitimize our free and fair elections. The Attorney General is breaking laws and supporting those who are attempting to as well - it’s clear to me that he’s not fit to serve as the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”