July 6, 2018 News & Press Releases

BRAT ATTACK: 10 Times Dave Brat has Demeaned Law Enforcement

by DPVA Press Office

Thank your public servants this July 4th weekend to make up for all the vitriol that VA-07 Congressman Dave Brat has spewed in their direction



Richmond, VA -- As Fourth of July week wraps up and we celebrate our heroes in the American armed services, law enforcement, and other public servants, it feels only right that VA-07 voters know what Rep. Dave Brat thinks of hardworking law enforcement and intelligence officers.

Take an extra moment to thank a member of law enforcement this weekend. They do not deserve to be insulted. They deserve to be thanked. Here are ten times Dave Brat demeaned them.


It is clear how Dave Brat feels about America’s law enforcement and intelligence community. If Dave Brat can’t even respect those Americans who protect us every day, how is he supposed to respect the needs of his VA-07 constituents?