August 3, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

BREAKING: Political Operative Barbara Comstock Caught Orchestrating Partisan Smear Campaign

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Longtime political operative Barbara Comstock has been caught personally orchestrating attacks on her Democratic opponent, as reported by The Loudoun Times-Mirror 
This should come as no surprise: Comstock has been dubbed an "Oppo Research Guru" and numerous publications have chronicled her ruthless partisan endeavors throughout her career. 
This line from the Loudoun Times-Mirror illustrates Comstock's futile efforts to distract from her partisan focus: 

"Comstock has worked since her 2014 election to appear a congresswoman focused on her constituent services and disinterested in the nitty-gritty politics of campaigns."
"This confirms what Virginians in the 10th Congressional District already know: Congresswoman Comstock only cares about winning and forcing her partisan, far-right positions on her constituents - all while dodging the tough questions and policy decisions." said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia