May 8, 2021 News & Press Releases

Convention Day: Virginia Republicans Set to Nominate Out-of-Touch Extremist for Governor

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today, as party insiders are set to select their nominees in the Virginia GOP’s chaotic convention, confusion and unanswered questions abound. There are extreme frustrations from all the candidates, allegations of rigging and corruption, and multiple Republicans threatening to run third party campaigns that would tank the GOP. Despite all of the chaos ahead, this primary has made one thing clear: Republicans will nominate someone too extreme for Virginia.

As GOP convention locations across the Commonwealth open this morning, the Democratic Party of Virginia released the following statement from spokesman Manuel Bonder:

“Every Republican candidate for governor has two things in common: they are completely committed to Donald Trump, and they are too extreme for Virginia.

From spouting Trump’s most unhinged election conspiracy theories, to opposing critical COVID-19 relief, to threatening to gut Virginians’ health care, these candidates have spent their entire primary alienating the vast majority of Virginians.

Whoever the Virginia GOP nominates at this chaotic convention has already spent months taking extreme, out-of-touch positions — and their sprint to the far-right will only continue after today.”