July 5, 2018 News & Press Releases

Corey Stewart/Barbara Comstock 2018: Has super-evasive Rep. Comstock jumped all in with Corey? 

by DPVA Press Office

Comstock voices no objection to joint Stewart-Comstock campaigning in VA-10, does this mean she approves and supports Corey?



Richmond, VA -- Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10), whose term in office has been most famous for her avoidance of town halls and direct conversations with her constituents, has for more than three weeks been ducking the question most on voters' minds: will she campaign with the 2018 VA GOP standard-bearer Corey Stewart? Yesterday, at 4th of July parades around VA-10, Comstock seemed to tacitly answer the question: yes, she is more than happy for her campaign to join forces with Corey Stewart.

At parades in Leesburg, Purcellville, and other sites around the 10th District, Barbara Comstock signage was proudly displayed alongside that of Corey Stewart. Comstock, who attended the Purcellville and Leesburg parades where the joint Stewart-Comstock campaign was featured, has said nothing to denounce her ticket-mate and further had no response when Stewart tweeted a Stewart-Comstock photo yesterday.

This willing coziness with Corey Stewart while refusing to answer questions about him is nothing new for Comstock. While she has tried so hard to play a moderate for the press, she has voted for Donald Trump's radical agenda over 97% of the time. Her constituents have begged for her to do a town hall to address her relationship with Trump and Stewart, but she has time and again refused.

Yesterday's joint Stewart-Comstock campaign display was classic Barbara Comstock: avoid answering constituents’ questions and tacitly support the far and alt-right messages of Corey Stewart and Donald Trump. DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker again called on Comstock to answer the Corey Stewart question once and for all.

"We now know Barbara Comstock has no problem displaying her name alongside Corey Stewart's. So, do your constituents a favor, Congresswoman...just tell us that yes, you support Corey Stewart and all the the things he stands for. Your constituents have a right to know."