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Delegate Alfonso Lopez and Fairfax County Democrats Discuss Report Citing Trump Federal Budget That Could Cost Northern Virginia 10,000 Jobs

by Katie Baker

In response to the Fairfax County GOP straw poll today, Delegate Alfonso Lopez and Fairfax County Democrats came together to discuss a new report released by George Mason University this week citing that up to 10,000 jobs could be lost in northern Virginia if Donald Trump’s budget were to take effect.

And yet, GOP gubernatorial candidates have said almost nothing on whether they would support Trump’s federal budget or how they plan to employ the tens of thousands Virginians that will lose their jobs under Trump’s plan.

“Virginia’s economy thrives on a strong federal workforce,” said Virginia House Democratic Whip Delegate Alfonso Lopez. “Which is why it’s so alarming that two of the GOP gubernatorial candidates haven’t taken a position on the Trump budget. With the chance that Virginia could lose 10,000 jobs right here in northern Virginia, Virginians deserve an answer from those who are running for governor. Do they support this Trump budget or not? If they do support this budget proposal, how do they plan to employ the federal workers that will lose their jobs?

“From fewer hospitality workers to a dampening housing market -- the downstream effects of less federal spending in the region will be significant. This is why we need to hear answers from the Republicans. Do they support this budget or not - and why? With the implications for local families and communities this issue is too important. Virginians deserve to know their answers."

The report also notes that the proposed spending reductions will have a measurable negative impact on the region’s local government budgets and small businesses. There will likely be less spending at area retailers and restaurants, and lost funding at the local government level will impact job training, educational development, health services and other social programs.

Video of the event can be viewed here.