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DPVA Calls Upon VA GOP Leaders to Condemn Trump Campaign for Stalin Comparison in Virginian-Pilot

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Over the weekend, Trump Regional Director and Virginia Beach resident Gary Byler quoted dictator Joseph Stalin to make a point about winning the Republican nomination in the Virginian-Pilot.
“Like Stalin said, ‘Whoever controls the ballot box wins the election.’”
"We've heard a lot of harmful rhetoric from the Trump campaign, but quoting a brutal dictator to make a point about winning the nomination in a Virginia paper is a new low," said Emily Bolton of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "Virginia Republican leaders must immediately condemn this comparison. We simply cannot allow the Trump campaign to spread more harmful rhetoric into Virginia, and we need Virginia Republicans to step up and denounce it for the good of our Commonwealth."
The DPVA calls upon the following Virginia Republican leaders to immediately condemn this comparison:
Republican Party of Virginia Chairman: 
John Whitbeck
Likely Statewide Candidates:
Ed Gillespie (Gov.)
Rep. Rob Wittman (Gov.)
Ken Cuccinelli (Gov.)
Del. Glenn Davis (Lt. Gov)
State Sen. Bryce Reeves (Lt. Gov)
State Sen. Jill Vogel (Lt. Gov)
Del. Rob Bell (AG)
John Adams (AG)
Congressional Delegation Running for Election: 
Congressman Randy Forbes (Running for VA-02)
Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
Congressman Dave Brat
Congressman Morgan Griffith
Josef Stalin was responsible for millions of deaths while he was in power.