January 30, 2018 News & Press Releases

DPVA Chairwoman Praises Virginia’s Guzman’s Response To Trump

by DPVA Press Office

DPVA Chairwoman Praises Virginia Delegate Guzman's Powerful Response to Trump's Fact-less State of the Union

Richmond, Va. — Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement praising Delegate Elizabeth Guzman's Spanish-language response (WATCH GUZMAN SPEECH HERE) to President Trump's misleading and hyper-partisan State of the Union address:

“Virginia Democrats could not be more proud of Delegate Elizabeth Guzman's reasoned and impassioned Spanish-language response to Donald Trump's fact-devoid, bizarre State of the Union. Del. Guzman call for a more-inclusive nation, one that builds its citizens up and not tears them down, stood in sharp contrast to Trump's misleading, divisive speech."

"While Trump expounded about spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on a wall no one wants or needs, Del. Guzman offered real solutions to save our incredible 800,000 Dreamers from a Trump deportation. While Trump lied about the benefits of his tax scam that only benefits big corporations and their wealthy shareholders, Del. Guzman laid out a vision for economic prosperity that leaves no one behind. While we could not be more ashamed of this bizarre and offensive President, Elizabeth Guzman's virtuoso performance on the national stage gives us all hope for a brighter, more inclusive future."