May 4, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

DPVA Statement on AHCA Vote

by Katie Baker

RICHMOND, Va. - Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker today released the following statement in response to the House of Representatives' passage of the American Health Care Act:

"Today, House Republicans demonstrated their clear disdain for working families in this country who rely on affordable, quality health insurance. Dismantling the Affordable Care Act will jeopardize the health care of 3.4 million Virginians with pre-existing conditions and benefits only a wealthy few.

"The first version of TrumpCare, which would have left 24 million more people uninsured and provided $600 billion in tax cuts for the very wealthy, had only 17 percent approval from the public. It's unclear who is more out of touch - the President, who only talks to the wealthy elite, or the House Republicans who voted for this disaster. They're clearly clueless about what's in their own bill, or perhaps they just don't care. Working Virginians deserve a Congress who fights for them. This bill, passed without knowledge of its costs or impacts, must be stopped in the Senate."