November 8, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

DPVA Statement on Monty Mason & Lionell Spruill Special Election Wins

by Democratic Party of Virginia

The Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement after the special elections in Virginia’s 1st and 5th State Senate District:

“I want to congratulate Delegate Monty Mason and Delegate Lionell Spruill for their wins in today’s special Senate elections. Both are extremely passionate public servants and will uphold that unwavering commitment to their respective districts.”

Senator-elect Monty Mason, Virgina’s 1st Senatorial District

“Delegate Monty Mason has been a fierce advocate for his constituents in the House of Delegates, and that passion will only be amplified in the Senate. He has put veterans issues at the forefront of his campaign, and he will be a strong voice for military families in Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, and Newport News.”

Senator-elect Lionell Spruill, Sr. Virginia’s 5th Senatorial District

“Delegate Lionell Spruill, Sr.  is revered in his community as dedicated public servant and passionate community leader who always puts his constituents first. His passion for public service has been on full display in the House of Delegates, and his commitment to Norfolk and Chesapeake voters will continue to be the core of his mission in the Senate.”