August 19, 2021 News & Press Releases

DPVA Statement on Glenn Youngkin Campaigning With Mike Pence

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Today’s visit begs the question: when’s the Trump-Youngkin rally?

Richmond, VA — This afternoon, it became public that Glenn Youngkin has joined forces with yet another Trump acolyte in his flailing campaign: Mike Pence. Pence’s abysmal track record includes abject failure leading the Trump administration’s disastrous coronavirus task force, a despicable history of homophobia and opposition to reproductive rights, and hardline attacks on the Affordable Care Act.

Oh, and helping Donald Trump lose Virginia by 10 points.

In response to today’s Pence-Youngkin summitDPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder released the following statement:

“Glenn Youngkin’s decision to appear with fellow Trump loyalist Mike Pence is yet another reminder that he is too extreme for Virginia. Pence is all in on Youngkin because he knows Glenn will help him and Donald Trump advance a dangerous right wing agenda: slashing funding for education and law enforcement, attacking reproductive rights, and gutting Virginians’ health care. 

Unfortunately for them, Virginians have rejected Trump and his far right allies before — and this November, they will once again.”